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at least that's what I'm told.
as a recent rescue from north central shelter, i was perfectly content to sleep on the plaid number that dad brought home from the big box store, but mom put her foot down. that's when the search started for something that she not only could live with, but would also love (as much as I love my sleep!). i'll have to admit that the tailored bed she found was better on my bones and super comfy too.

after the bed, came the toys. mom says if they have to be all over the floor, they might as well be cute and stand up to my rough play.  she loves me too much to feed me anything but the best, healthiest, and yummiest food in a great looking bowl. and when we go out, everyone comments that they love my look -- from collar to leash to outfit, i'm stylin’ from head to toe.

so you see, what started as the search for the perfect dog bed to fit my family's lifestyle became a passion for my mom, who chooses only the best for me and the store that shares my name.